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About Us

WHY Choose Creative Technologies?

Creative Technologies offers Maintenance solutions for the major ATM manufacturers: NCR, Wincor Nixdorf & Diebold.

Creative Technologies’ management team and a great deal of the service technicians employed in the company have worked for years in financial and banking areas, as well as self-service maintenance services and hold invaluable experience with the equipment from different self-service terminal vendors and also hold a higher level of understanding of the customers’ needs on the market. During the years, our employees have been trained and certified to handle systems and software applications efficiently and with maximum results. .
Creative Technologies can develop and assist in the integration of new functionalities or a new platform in the self-service area according to the customer’s requirements.
The portfolio includes Cash Dispenser ATMs, KIOSKs, Cash Deposit and Recycler ATMs (certified by the National Bank).
Our team has established its service centres according to the saturation of supported self-service devices in the country regions in order to provide the best response time in the industry, as well as problem determination and repair of the devices. Every service centre is fully equipped with all required spare parts and tools to perform speedy maintenance/repair procedures without reducing the level of quality.
A number of the staff also performs hardware repair on Ingenico POS Terminals on a component level. The service engineers have been trained by us and have been certified by Ingenico to perform repairs on Telium range mobile, counter-top and unattended Ingenico Terminals.


Fully Equpied Service Technicians
ATMs Supported
Service Centres
ATM Vendors Supported

Services we offer

End to End Solutions for your ATM & POS network

ATM Software Services

We can help you integrate the latest ATM NDC and DDC protocol Applications in Multi-Vendor environments and develop additional Value Added Services on the ATM. A unique design and flow for customer interactions can also be created. Built on the XFS standard, it provides everything needed for functional and robust Multi-Vendor applications for ATMs.


ATM technologies for monitoring and management are designed as software solutions to offer automated update services and remote diagnostics. The offered software solutions are hardware-independent, which allows them to run on various hardware platforms from various ATM vendors. This is essential in cases where a large financial institution needs to create a single self-service monitoring network.

Customer Support (Help Desk)

With our help desk, we can assist our customers for everyday tasks in ATM cash replenishment. First-line maintenance is provided over the phone. Our customer support services provide ATM Operator Trainings to improve the customer experience when dealing with each individual machine onsite. Together, these steps secure an even quicker response and notably limit the ATM’s downtime.

ATM & POS Outsourcing

ATM management, as a whole, is a huge task comprising a diverse set of activities that demand thorough scrutiny, a great deal of effort and a significant amount of time. As such, outsourcing the action is a cost-saving solution. Providing ATM services forces a company to organize and allocate focus on many supplementary functions such as EMV, PCI security standards, Windows 7 migration, software integration etc. We offer the ability to outsource all these processes, leaving the company in question with much more freedom to pursue other opportunities.

ATM Consummables & Upgrades

From ATM cassettes, paper rolls, print heads to uninterrupted power supplies and batteries for Diebold Nixdorf, NCR and former Wincor Nixdorf & Diebold machines, we can offer upgrades for your ATM fleet providing additional functionality, security and regulatory compliance while maintaining a user-friendly environment.

Full ATM maintenance

Our First Line Maintenance services take care of every service issue that does not require a tool or a part for its resolution. We have set up the best possible levels of service for the market with a guaranteed fast response time to any ATM that is down. Our Second Line Maintenance service consists of hardware repair, parts replacement and preventive maintenance for ATM machines manufactured by all major vendors, including everything necessary to keep the ATMs in good operating condition.


New ATMs

  • Cash Dispenser ATMs
  • Cash Deposit ATMs
  • Teller Automation
  • KIOSKs
  • Branch Automation Systems
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ATM Software

  • Multi-Vendor ATM NDC/DDC Applications
  • Multi-Vendor Terminal Monitoring
  • ATM Marketing
  • ATM EMV Kernel
  • ATM Video Monitoring
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ATM Secuirty Solutions

  • Multi-Vendor Software Security Soluitons
  • PCI-DSS/PCI-PTS Solutions
  • Anti-Skimming Solutions
  • EMV Integration
  • Multi-Vendor ATM Video Surveillance
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Maintenance Solutions

  • Full ATM Maintenance
  • Spare Parts Delivery
  • Consumables
  • ATM Upgrades
  • ATM QA Services
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Our Customers

Allianz Bank Bulgaria


Internetional Asset Bank

First Investment Bank

Tokuda Bank

ProCredit Bank

UniBank Skopje

Central Cooperative Bank

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